Pinterest Project: DIY Pallet Wall

So our first big Pinterest project was an accent wall in our dining room.

Here was the inspirational “pin”.

Check out the wall in my dining room before:

Now check out the wall:

Here are the steps we followed to create this accent wall:

1. collect pallets (this took only 2 days for us, since my hubby is in construction)

2. use a “Saws-all” to cut the pallets apart (we learned this the hard way, if you try to pry them apart, then the wood splits and breaks, also, cutting the nails lets you keep the nail heads intact which looks great)

3. lay out your pallet wood and make sure you’ll have enough to cover the square footage of your wall. (select the straightest pieces of wood) beggars can’t be choosers, your wood was free, but it is not smooth and straight.

4. prep an area to stain the wood (this is optional: only if you want a darker finished look… I think it makes the wood look older, which is what I was going for) We used a diluted walnut stain by Minwax. 1/4 stain to 3/4 laquer thinner.  It produced a sort of dark wash that didn’t overly penetrate the wood. Let the stain dry over night.

5. Pull off the baseboard on the wall you are using. (if you pull it off carefully, you may be able to reuse it) also pull off any face plates for plugs, switches or vents (set aside with all hardware, and keep away from the kids)

6. If your wall is painted a bright color, or even white, I recommend repainting the wall in a neutral taupe or brown. (you may see the wall through gaps in the planks, and you don’t want to see peekaboo red, or white)

7. Cut the pallet wood to varying lengths with a saw, I used a mitre saw and made straight cuts.

8. Using a nail gun, begin nailing the finished pallet wood to the wall.  Begin by placing straight pieces on the vertical edges.

9. Nail in the field of wood going horizontally across.  Begin with the ceiling and work your way across and down.  My husband ended up scribing the planks to fit around our existing base board on the outer wall. This is not an easy process, but it helped us to only have to remove 2 small pieces of base.

10. As you nail the boards in, I advise trying to bend them as close together as possible to minimize gaps and keep your lines straight. Cut out around plugs & switches.

Once the wall is done, you will need to purchase some box extenders (we got our from Lowes for less than $2) if you had any boxes on the accent wall.  The extenders, “extend” the box to the depth you need from the old wall to the outside of the new thicker accent wall)

Put you base board back up. You may need to cut a longer piece for the perpendicular wall.

(please forgive the poor quality of these pictures, they were taken with my handy-dandy iPhone)

Overall this project took:

2 days of collecting pallets

1 day to pull apart the pallets.

1 day to stain the wood.

1 day to cut the pieces of wood and nail them up.

a few hours to put up the trim and extend the electrical boxes.

TOTAL: 5+ days toward my 30 days.

25 more days to go.

Happy pinning!

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