Pinterest 30 Day Challenge- refinish a hutch with milk paint

This project was a labor of love, and quite a learning experience.

I have wanted to work with “milk paint” for quite a while now.  I have seen a few places that sell the dry milk paint online.  Two of them are the Real Milk Paint Co., and Old Fashion Milk Paint.  I wasn’t sure how much paint I would need, and I am working on a very tight budget, so I decided to learn how to make the paint myself.

Here is how it turned out:

Here is how it looked before: (with supplies for the milk paint)

Here is the process that I followed to make my brick red milk paint:

1. make a quark. (1 gallon of milk mixed with 2 cups of vinegar to promote curdling, leave over-night)

2. strain the quark to separate the curds from the whey. ( pour through a cheese cloth lined strainer)

3. rinse quark at least 3 times with cold running water.

4. mix quark with 1/4 cup of hydrated lime (bought this at Lowes in a 50lb bag- way more than I needed, keep away from kids) Some recipes call for Borax.  I may try that way next time.

5. add acrylic paint or pigment (you can buy online) to achieve desired color (note: acrylic paint is not “lime-proof”, which means that it will fade to a lighter color) I ended up using concrete pigment, purchased a Lowes, in brick red. It was lime proof and did not lighten in color.

6. add chalk until it will not dissolve in the paint anymore (to thicken)

The first coat seals and the subsequent coats seal and cover.

Now for the wonderful $60 hutch that we found on Craigslist.  We sanded the piece to rough up the surface to achieve a better bond.

If you purchase your milk paint, most companies offer a super bond that can be added to the milk paint, so you would not need to sand the piece before you paint it.  Some people prefer the peeliness of the paint on an unsanded surface.  It is up to your own taste… used your artistic freedom here!

Then I laid on the paint.

I’m still working on a seal coat.  I put on a layer of boiled linseed oil, but am not happy with how it is finishing.  I may move to a matt polycrylic, or even just get Briwax!  Either way, that is just gravy.

Total days:

1 day purchasing the hutch from Craigslist

1 day removing the hardware and sanding the hutch (both pieces)

1 day to make the milk paint

2 days painting the piece, with dry time in between the 3+ coats

1 day sealing/oil/waxing

25 days – 6 days for the refinishing project.

19 days to go!  Be inspired.

Here was the pin that made me salivate and yearn to finish this piece. She has come up with her own line of milk paint stuff, and has some beautiful stuff.  You can check out her blog here.

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